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Bee Queen

Project management and resource app developed for pageant contestants, directors and vendors. Launched in Spring 2017 and is now the exclusive web registration app for 5 states in the Miss USA pageant system.

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Austin Prime Realty

Created brand identity, logo, stationary, signage and interactive website for an Austin, TX based residential realty company. All brand aesthetics are influenced by the intersection of traditional Texan heritage with the liberal Austinite...
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Custom Wedding Gown

Custom wedding gown designed, draped, patterned and sewn for client. Included hand-sewn beadwork and lace...
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Parsons Thesis

Items from my senior thesis collection from Parsons School of Design. Graduated May 2008 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in fashion...
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J. Mendel Spring 2009

Custom-dyed fabrics, hand-sewn chiffon ruffles and extensive patternwork created for J. Mendel's Spring 2009...
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Reworked Vintage

Reworked vintage clothing created from existing clothing, bedding and vintage fabrics. Sold at 2 locations in NYC (soho & east...

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